President: aquilla maliyekkal
Major: Politics, Philosophy, Economics, and Law (PPEL), Journalism, History
Aquilla Maliyekkal is entering his senior year at UR where he is majoring in Journalism (a dying art), PPEL (unemployment) and History (this isn’t even funny anymore, it’s just tragic). Needless to say, his parents are still working through their disappointment. Hailing from California, you will often find him complaining about the East Coast, harboring a special hate for the dumpster fire that is New Jersey. In addition to mock trial, he serves as Speaker of the Richmond College Student Government Association, a Speech Consultant, and RMT's resident PBS children's show aficionado. Faults include: an astonishing inability to know what time of day it is, always having his earphones in, and a burning desire to run this program into the ground. 
Vice President: Aaqil Zakarya
Alias: Dr. Zak (self-proclaimed)
Major: Beep Boop Beep Boop (Computer Science)
Mock Trial Peak Moment: Being told that his Indian accent doesn't sound authentic 
As a balancing counter-force for Aquilla, Aaqil can be spotted in rounds playing obnoxious music and supporting crazy ideas such as training attorneys to preform tricks and using mannequins during rounds


Tournament Director: Sam Jaeger
Major: Economics, Leadership Studies
Sam is a 99% extroverted, highly caffeinated New Jersey native, and proudly embodies seemingly every Jersey stereotype you can think of, including her impeccable driving abilities and her profound love of EDM music.  While her 3 biggest dreams are to drive the mock trial van, boost her Uber passenger rating, and wear her pink skirt suit in the court of law, her more obtainable goal is to become (somewhat) fluent in German during her semester abroad this Fall.  On campus Sam is a Writing Consultant, a Peer Advisor in Career Services, a member of a sorority, and a member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.
Recruitment Director: Kimberly Cameron
Major: Political Science
Kimberly is from Rhode Island, the smallest state with the biggest personality. She is a Bonner scholar, social sorority member, writing consultant, and RA for freshman. With Bonner, she interns at the International Rescue Committee and volunteer at Youthlife. She LOVE kids, especially toddlers and elementary school students. She is also probably the messiest, unorganized person you’ll ever meet.
Communication Directors: 
Emily Trumble 
Major: PPEL and Leadership studies
Emily is currently a junior  from South Bend Indiana where she did high school mock for four years. Shockingly, her love (and hate) for mock managed to grow even more this year and she can't wait to continue with Richmond mock for another three years.
She is completely unattached to this bio and welcomes suggestions from the peanut gallery
Makenna Rhae
Major: Political Science/Global Science
Makenna is proud to be the mom friend in every aspect of her life, and this year, she’s read to be the “Cool Mom” with an insta account. When she’s not busy reminding her friends to drink water, wear a sweater (it’s cold out), or pulling Band-aids out of her bag for even the tiniest of scratches, you’ll probably see her swiping through other people’s tinder accounts to find cute dogs. This year, her goals for mock trial are to 1) prompt another recess mid-trial that no one is expecting 2) make “do-it-for-the-dogs a team-wide chant and 3) sing more songs about cold weather for Kimberley. In addition to Mock Trial, Makenna is the Public Relations Director for the Collegian, runs an Etsy Shop, and gives tours of campus mainly as a way to tell kids to join Richmond Mock Trial when they get here.
Logistics Director: MAgnolia Stewart 
Major: PPEL/ Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Magnolia is a sophomore from the greatest and sunniest state, Florida. She seems to perform at her best while suffering from bronchitis and taking her pre-round DayQuil. After graduation, Magnolia hopes to go to law school and rid the world of injustice.

Executive Board