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Schedule & Results

FALL 2020

The Demon Deacon Invitational | Wake Forest University
October 17-19th, 2020

Richmond A: 6-1-1, 2nd place
Outstanding Witness Award: Danielle Maxwell (Top Witness!)
Richmond B: 6-2-0, 4th place
       Outstanding Witness Award: Emily Trumble

Colonial Classic | College of William and Mary
October 24-25th, 2020 
Richmond A: 3-5-0
Outstanding Witness Award: Danielle Maxwell

Richmond B: 4-4-0 

spring 2021

dragon invitational | Drexel university
January 16th-17th, 2021

Richmond B: 6-1-1, 3rd place

swamp invitational | university of Florida University
January 23th-24th, 2021

Richmond A: 5-3-0, 7
Outstanding Attorney Award: Meghna Melkote (Both Sides of the Case)

regionals | amta  
February 6-7th, 2021

Richmond B: 3-5-1
        Outstanding Witness Award: Emily Trumble

Richmond C: 4-4-0

Outstanding Witness Award: Polina Shitikova

regionals | University of Oklahoma College of law
February 20-21th, 2021

Richmond A: 3-5-0
        Outstanding Witness Award: Reide Petty (Top Witness)
        Outstanding Attorney Award: Meghna Melkote  (Top Attorney; Both Sides of the Case)


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